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Our interactive online courses are the easiest way for you to explore new subjects and to gain new skills while you enjoy your life to the full.  Our course material is presented in written and audio format in easy chunks, so you can listen to or read the next piece whenever you want. Each course is filled with experiential exercises you can practice as you go about your day – everything is designed for you to start enjoying the benefits straight away.

SuccessPendulum Power

The art of dowsing for accuracy.

dowsingDowsing the Landscape

Sensing the land with dowsing rods.

Crystal DivinationCrystal Divination

Forecasting and scrying with crystals.

Time DoorwaysTime Doorways

Sensing gateways to other times.

Past LivesExploring Past Lives

Could you have lived before?

CrystalsCrystal Healing

Discover the healing power of crystals.

ShamanismPractical Shamanism

Connect shamanically to the living web.

Shamanic dreamingShamanic Dreaming

Dream awareness, communication and travelling.

Dream interpretationInterpreting Dreams

Understand your dreams and change your life.

TarotTarot Magick

Divination, Journeying and Tarot Magick.

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About Online Training

Now you can access the unique knowledge and experience of our trainers wherever you are in the world. Our trainers are leaders and innovators in their respective fields and our online courses offer personal contact with these teachers.

Our online “mentored” option allows you to explore these subjects in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, supported by individual personal interaction with your mentor. As you explore the material and keep your course journal (your ongoing reflections on your learning and experiences) your mentor will help you develop and successfully complete your course.

However, if you simply prefer to work through the course on your own, you can choose the un-mentored course option. You will still receive feedback on your assignments.

Course completion certificates are awarded through keeping your course journal and successfully completing course assignments. These courses are experiential rather than academic in focus, i.e. you need to be able to read, watch and listen to course material and to do the practical explorations. The write-ups and assignments are brief, clear and informal and are intended to help tutors monitor your learning and development.

Online Training Courses: General Overview

Each online training course consists of practical sessions with written, audio or visual content, personal assignments and experiential casework. Material is presented week by week for the 4 or 8 weeks and on average you will need around 2 to 4 hours a week to keep up with the course. Course material stays live for a further 2 weeks beyond the end of the weekly course sessions, so if you go on holiday or fall behind for any reason, you have this extra time to catch up and complete your work.

Online course completion certificates are awarded to students who report their progress regularly showing their understanding and progression through the material and who complete the course assignments. Course assignments are the official point of contact with your teacher, when you will receive personal feedback and suggestions to further your development. If you do not need or want a certificate, there is no need to submit assignments, however you miss the benefit of personal feedback.

All our courses are experiential, straightforward and practical, in line with all our training.

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