Shamanix Energy DVD

Would you like to be able to control and direct subtle energies?

Every living thing is surrounded by a subtle energy field and your state of mind and awareness is connected to the energy surrounding you. When those fields overlap, you can affect others, often in extremely powerful ways.

In her highly acclaimed Shamanix™ seminars, Susanna Bellini demonstrates how to use energy to influence others, how to know when you are being influenced and how to defend yourself against negative effects, unwanted connections, curses and psychic attacks.

You can experience these skills for yourself by participating in the exercises on this DVD.

Just put the DVD in your player, sit back and learn.

Learn how to:

  • Make and throw energy balls
  • Send energy to others through your eyes
  • Influencing others with your thoughts through energy connections
  • Bless or curse with energy
  • Avoid instant karma.
  • Affect others with energy / Cloud busting
  • Clear your energies of unwanted ties and hidden baggage
  • Interact with nature using your energy skills

When you use the secrets revealed in this recording, you will find that you can powerfully influence the world around you with your subtle energies…

This DVD is packed with vital information – and you can get all of that for only £29.95!

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