Welcome to Bronze Dragon International Training

I started Bronze Dragon in 1993 to share the magic and help people enjoy happier, healthier and more purposeful lives.

Over the past 26 years, I have been fortunate to help thousands of people through short courses, practitioner trainings and individual therapy, coaching and mentoring. I have also produced books, DVDs and mp3s.

Now it is time for me to focus on further spiritual writings and on new expressions of the magic. I also want to make time for 1 to 1 training and mentoring, especially for those who want to take things further than traditional courses.

A shamanic ritual is a practice that involves a practitioner (the ayahuasca tea shaman) who reaches altered states of consciousness in order to interact with the spirit world. Shamanism is not a religion, but a name for the practice of making a connection with the spirit realms. According to the shamanic principle, shamans are intermediaries between the human world that we live in and the invisible spirit world.

If you are interested or feel drawn to this opportunity, contact me with brief details of any specific training or mentoring you are seeking and what you hope for from intensive 1 to 1 time with me.

The following list of courses I used to teach will give you an idea of some of the main areas of my expertise. You can also see my qualifications here.

Reiki (Usui method)

Reiki I,
Reiki II practitioner
Reiki III
Reiki Master (teaching level)
(Susanna Bellini’s Reiki lineage)


Practical Shamanism
Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic Healing practitioner
Soul Healing / Soul Retrieval practitioner
Shamanic Dreaming and Journeying practitioner
Shamanix™ Practitioner,
Shamanix™ Master Practitioner
Dreamweaving (advanced)
Spirit Release / Depossession (advanced)

Crystal Healing

Crystals and Colour
Crystal Awareness
Crystal Enlightenment
Crystal Healing & Gem Therapy Certificate
Crystal Healing Diploma


Hands on healing
Mindfulness / meditation / stress release
Mindskills training
Pendulum dowsing / Dowsing the land
Shamanic crystal divination
Interpreting dreams
Time Doorways
Exploring past lives