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Susanna Bellini is a renowned personal development teacher, author and mentor, whose mission in life is to enable people to develop and live their full potential in harmony with a conscious universe.

Susanna founded Bronze Dragon Training Centre in York in 1993, initially to offer 1 to 1 therapies, short courses and workshops and then offering practitioner and master trainings as her training, qualifications and experience progressed.

These covered a variety of energy-related and mind-related therapies including:

  • Shamanism, Reiki, crystal & gem therapy, dream work, past life therapy and spiritual healing.
  • NLP, Counselling, hypnotherapy, EFT and life coaching

“Susanna is an amazing teacher, clearly knowledgeable; she is able to be both professional and a real personality at the same time.”

Mazie Rhodes, Writer, London

Since 1999 her company name changed to Bronze Dragon International Training as Susanna started to teach overseas and to collaborate with other trainers and institutions. She has worked with private clients, taught Reiki, NLP practitioner and master practitioner courses and other short courses and workshops around the world, including the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Working with individual clients and course groups over many years, Susanna developed her own unique and comprehensive personal and spiritual development system, teaching ‘Shamanix’ in 2000 and soon after Mindskills Training, Shamanic Dreaming and Dreamweaving. She has then gone on to offer shamanic energy practitioner, soul healing and shamanic dreaming practitioner trainings to fit within widespread standards while incorporating some of these new principles and methods.

In 2008 Susanna started to offer online courses in order to make aspects of her training accessible to anyone worldwide and offered individual mentoring for many of these courses so that anyone could work with her directly.

As of 2019 Susanna is offering bespoke 1 to 1 training and mentoring only; group and online courses have ceased.

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Philip Callaghan is an NLP Trainer and Coach with a background in scientific research. Phil is involved in business training and coaching, while also conducting one-on-one therapy sessions and developing new techniques for learning and transformation.

The main focus of his NLP work concerns generative change – making good processes even better and developing ways to create ‘cascades of positive change’.

Phil has also worked with the Tarot for over 19 years. Throughout that time he has also explored many methods of divination, healing and changework. He has designed a series of Tarot workshops as a fusion of the most effective practices he has experienced on his journey.

Phil’s website: mindskills-training.co.uk

Phil’s blog: mindskills-training.co.uk/category/blog/