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Transform Your Life in Seven Days – Susanna Bellini 

Personal freedom is the greatest benefit in life: freedom to become happy, healthy and to fulfil your unique potential. In this book, Susanna Bellini gives you all the principles and techniques you need to transform your life. You can re-model your whole life or concentrate on one part of it and use the techniques again and again for very specific goals.

You will be able to free yourself from past pain, negative beliefs and mental blocks, clearing your mind to start afresh. You will gain real choices, make great decisions and discover true freedom to create a fulfilling life.   Read more >

Goal Mastery – Philip Callaghan & Susanna Bellini

Is the secret of success a simple habit of thought?

The Goal Mastery system is straightforward and easy to apply. Allow this simple, stepwise method to guide you to become fully focused and highly motivated. Just read through the worked examples and begin using the course’s templates and planners to map out all the amazing details of your new future.

Then you will flow towards the life you desire. Read more >

Presenting Power – Philip Callaghan

How can you succeed at public speaking?

Success in business – and in life – can depend on your ability to make presentations with confidence.

‘Presenting Power’ is a process based on modern psychology and honed through ten years of practical work in helping nervous public speakers eliminate their fear and uncover a deep natural confidence. The process is simple and Philip Callaghan’s excellent book guides you each step of the way. Read more >

Hypnotic Conversations – Philip Callaghan

Learn the real secret at the heart of compelling communication.

Hypnosis seems to belong in a secret realm – a place of mystery and power. The truth: Hypnosis is everywhere. Beyond the myths, secrecy and stagecraft is an extraordinary set of skills for influence and transformation. Master this art and you will communicate in a compelling way that is perfectly aligned with your ethics. You’ll also be protected against the downside: With these skills, you will be aware of ‘sales hypnosis’ and media influence – and be able to defend yourself against it. Read more >

Shamanic Training on DVD


Shamanix: Manifestation Master Class – Susanna Bellini
The Art of Manifestation in practice.
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Shamanix: Auras and Awareness – Susanna Bellini
See and feel energy within minutes.
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Shamanix: Energy Effectiveness – Susanna Bellini
Project your energy and defend yourself against psychic attack.
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