Crystal Enlightenment

Please note, this is an advanced course – prior experience is required, please contact us to discuss. Course numbers are limited and will be carefully allocated by selection.

During this course we shall be working with Master Crystals to channel
through new information using dreaming/trancework techniques.  These include Herkimer diamonds, elestials,
selenite wands, obsidian spheres, kyanite and more.

Due to the nature of this advanced work the seminar will be tailored to
the interests and abilities of the participants and the crystals
available.  Content will be along the
lines of:

  • Channelling higher levels of energy safely
  • Identifying different types and sources of knowledge and experience
  • Interpreting different types of information and experience
  • Keys to unlocking information and crystalline wisdom
  • Learning from the master crystals, minerals and gemstones
  • Your spirit essence within the infinite & clearing ego issues
  • Integrating and grounding information and energies
  • Navigating the crystalline network
  • Space / time / interdimensional travel

Please note: 
this may look weird – and it is. 
There’s a lot more out there in the worlds of the unseen!  Therefore, if you are going to explore these
areas it is especially important to do so safely and with a good, solid
grounding in everyday reality.  Your
course facilitator, Susanna Bellini, has many years of training and experience
to help guide you safely.

You need to be a balanced, ‘down-to-earth’ individual,
who has already done some work on your mental, physical and emotional
health.  You need to be comfortable with
your identity, life, work, and relationships, generally positive and with a
sense of humour.

If you are currently going through a stressful,
difficult or challenging period, or you are in need of personal healing or
therapy this is not the right time for this course.

These restrictions are primarily so that we can set
off to explore and enjoy the most wonderful, inspirational learning experiences
with the crystals, without having to stop and deal with personal healing
issues.  We aim to bring through
information and healing on a wider, planetary and universal scale.