Crystal Healing Certificate

This 7-day intensive training provides competency as a Crystal
Healer, allowing you to practice as a licensed practitioner once
follow-up assignments and case studies are successfully completed. This
training can lead on to our Crystal Healing Diploma.


Successful completion of Bronze Dragon Crystal Awareness or Crystal Healing and Colour Harmony Weekend training, or a similar two-day basic training, is a necessary pre-requisite to this training.


By the end of this training
you will be able to:

  • Dowse and
    balance the chakras using a crystal pendulum
  • Carry out safe, effective and competent crystal healing
  • Understand and follow good therapeutic practice
  • Practice
    basic listening and counselling skills


  • scanning and sensing the energy field, developing sensory
    awareness of the subtle energy systems in the body
  • developing sensitivity, intuition and awareness of the
    energies and properties of crystals, minerals and gemstones used in
  • history, theory and practical experience of giving and
    receiving crystal healing
  • crystal pendulum dowsing and chakra balancing.
  • theories of illness, disease and vibrational medicine
  • chakras, energy systems, subtle bodies.
  • theory and practical experience of colour healing, effects
    of colour on the body systems, colour and the chakras.
  • properties of minerals and gemstones, basic gem stone
  • gem essences: what they are, how to prepare remedies,
    choosing and using them.
  • creating a relaxing and safe environment to support the
    healing process
  • cleansing, balancing and energising your therapy room
  • active listening and basic counselling skills
  • responsibilities and practical aspects of being a healer
    and setting up in practice – code of ethics & conduct,
    insurance etc.
  • absent/distance healing for individuals, situations and
    planetary applications.


This course involves both practical work and theoretical
knowledge and uses accelerated learning techniques in relaxed states to
assist your assimilation of the material. Methods include lecture,
discussion, meditation, visualisation and practical experiential work
during the course modules and home study involving reading, research,
keeping a reflective journal, essays and case studies. This course
demands a willingness and commitment to personal healing,
self-questioning and reflection, as crystal energy work promotes your
own healing and balancing and may bring up emotional or physical health
issues you need to resolve.

* This course does not include anatomy and physiology or
first aid; practitioners are recommended to take these courses
elsewhere to supplement their energy work.


Susanna Bellini first learned hands-on energy healing in 1987
and started learning Crystal Healing in Brighton in 1992. Susanna
founded Bronze Dragon Training in York in 1993 to provide complementary
therapy treatments and training; she is a qualified FAETC teacher and
trainer, qualified in a range of therapies, who has also developed her
own system of shamanic energy work. Susanna completed her two-year
Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO)-approved Diploma
training in January 1996, has worked as a Crystal & Gem
Therapist for many years and has been teaching Crystal Healing courses
since 1998.

What people are saying about Crystal Healing Certificate training:

“Practical hands on use of crystals and
opportunity to carry
out practice treatments in a safe and guided way were excellent.
Excellent understanding of, and appreciation for, crystals and their
uses and holistic benefits. Great confidence now to take this learning
forward and undertake case studies, and to continue to grow
understanding of crystal healing. A valuable and energising week!”

– Peter Ridgway

“A wonderful week, enlightening, relaxing
and refreshing. Intense at times, but really increased my knowledge and

– A Roslyn

“Really enjoyed the way the course was
presented and felt that
a lot of information was absorbed in a relaxed manner. I am looking
forward to using the therapy and have gained confidence as the week has

– Trish Catton

“This course has been a very enjoyable
and profound experience
for me. I have learned how to tune in to the energies of the crystals
and the effect they have on people, as well as being more receptive to
my intuition. Susanna’s teaching style made it enjoyable and easy to
learn and has given me the confidence to use what I have learned.”

– Peter Fulcher, Carer, Manchester

“Great insights into crystals, their
properties and healing
powers. Brilliant way of learning – experimental and insightful. Great
way of rebalancing and de-stressing and for making time for myself.
Fantastic friendships formed.  Inspirational. Thank you for a
great course.”

– Tina Pickin, Development Manager, UK

“Engaging, balanced – a very ‘hands on’
experience that developed trust
in my/our intuition to experiment/question/validate choices and use of
crystals.  Overall a fantastic experience and I look forward
Part 2.”

– Paul Beresford, Learning Mentor

“Lovely experience working in true team
spirit.  This gave
confidence to each and everyone with loads of interactive
feedback.  Very enjoyable and a great learning
benefit.  We
were all Reiki II which helped immensely.  Also great fun in
discussions and a ‘rainbow’ of subjects were covered!!”

– Sandie Turner, Proprietor

“I have learnt a lot of information about
crystals and their
uses.  The skills I have learnt will help in my development
crystals and also with other practices, such as Reiki.  The
of the course has given me confidence in my new knowledge and opened a
new door to further exploration.  A wonderful working
with nice people.”

– Susan Barnes, PhD researcher