Dowsing The Landscape : Rod Dowsing

Map the unseen mysteries in the landscape as you discover and track ancient pathways and settlements, ley and other energy lines. Locate hidden features under the land: water, caves, coin and buried treasure, as well as tracking the direction of underground streams, and also, on an immediately practical level, where pipes enter and leave your home.

Dowsing rods have been used effectively for thousands of years, both by surveyors and architects for practical purposes and by esoteric practitioners to discover invisible, but very real, energies in the landscape. Whichever direction of expertise motivates your own interest, this course open up fascinating new discoveries about your environment.

You can gain practical insights into the energetic influences affecting your home or work place or you may be glad to know how to locate water or power conduits in and out of your home for a building project. This has been useful for several students with older properties, where the plans for services were missing or incomplete.

Dowsing rods will help you to understand why some places seem to drain your energy and others do you good and energise you. Discover why your pets prefer certain places to sit or sleep and avoid other places, beyond obvious reasons of warmth and shelter.

The next time you visit a stone circle, prehistoric settlement, archaeological site, you will be able to gain new and fascinating insights into the flow of life there, when the site was in use. Dowsing can help to understand links between such settlements and to discover hidden archaeology.

Whether you play with dowsing rods out of curiosity, or whether you start with a specific reason for wanting to learn how to use them, taking this course will enrich your understanding and enjoyment of your environment and the world around you.

Working physically on a larger scale or out in the landscape, dowsing rods are the most effective tools for specific and accurate information gathering. Whether you want to find new mineral resources or to know where the mains water pipe comes into your house, dowsing rods can be effective and accurate tools.

You will learn the skills and then it just takes practice to improve. Dowsing rods can be used to locate subtle energies, such as ley lines and other energy lines and grids in the landscape and you will learn how to locate such specific energy frequencies during this training.

Dowsing The Landscape 4 week course
Learn to sense subtle energies in the landscape with dowsing rods.
Dowsing The Landscape course Course Content:

  • Types of divining rods
  • Getting started, how to use dowsing rods
  • Developing inner senses and accuracy
  • Direction-finding, compass and scope
  • Applications & uses of dowsing with rods
  • Physical dowsing – water, minerals
  • Energy dowsing – Ley lines, energy grids

What people are saying about Dowsing the Landscape:

“During this course I have used divining rods to find coins, specific plants, types of tree, animals and even the nearest pub!”

“This rod dowsing is fascinating and addictive – I now always take my rods to explore ancient sites and always find something interesting. I know there’s so much more to explore and I am curious about where this will lead!”
John R