Exploring Past Lives

Do you ever feel that you have lived before? Are there are things that affect you in this life, which you cannot explain from your past memories? It could be that events from past lives are still affecting you in this life.

This course will help you to go back in time and explore your past to find answers and insights that will help you to move forward in this life. Your past may hold the keys to healing, understanding and also to reconnect to hidden resources and strengths.

Exploring Past Lives 4 week course
Experience and explore your past lives and become transformed in the present.
Exploring Past Lives course Course Content:

  • Discovering clues in your present life
  • Journeying back to past lives
  • Locating significant events
  • Learning lessons from past life experiences
  • Healing past life pain affecting this life
  • Resolving ‘unfinished business’
  • Discovering your talents and potential
  • Integrating insights and moving forward

What people are saying about Exploring Past Lives:

“Fascinating – and explained some things that I now know originated from one of my past lives. I feel as though I know and understand myself better and now feel more ‘whole’ and more my true self.”
Melanie W