Interpreting Your Dreams Course

Daydreams, dreams at night, nightmares, recurring dreams – what do they all mean?

If you have a rich dream life, you may have looked up dream symbols, or perhaps read a book about dream interpretation to try to find meaning in your experiences. Your experiences will have been variable, depending on where you looked: there are different theories and approaches to dream work, which can be confusing.

The secret to dreaming, is that there are different types of dreams, and these approaches will all be meaningful – some of the time. Now you can gain deeper insights into the meanings of all of your dreams, as you explore a range of effective psychological, dream analysis and shamanic dreaming approaches.

This practical course answers the questions many people have about dreaming and opens up effective ways of working with dreams for personal and spiritual development.

Exploring your own dream material, you will experience different ways of working to discover hidden meanings and powerful insights. Sometimes it is enough to gain the insights, at other times your dreaming will lead you naturally to taking action in your daily life – often with powerful results. With practice you can enjoy a meaningful dialogue between your conscious mind, higher self and unconscious, that flows effortlessly through your days and nights to enrich your life.

Interpreting Your Dreams 4 week course

Are you curious about your dreams? If you dream frequently and remember your dreams, this course will give you the tools to understand how your dreams relate to you and what they show about your personality and your life path.

Interpreting Your Dreams Course Content:

  • Remembering and recording dreams
  • Theories and approaches for understanding dreams
  • Practical ways of working with dream material
  • Exploring dream symbols
  • Interacting with characters in the dream
  • Learning from recurring dreams and nightmares

What people are saying about Interpreting Your Dreams:

“I thought my dreams were just weird and fantastical stories – enjoyable, but without meaning. I’m glad I took this course and found out differently!”
Christy R

“I had the same dream on and off for years and used to dread its coming back again. Once I finally understood it, I knew what to do differently and the nightmare has gone – I believe for ever.”

“This course presents a number of ways of working with dreams: cognitive, Gestalt, shamanic dream work and others. I found it really useful to get an understanding of all these methods together and to find out what works for me.”
Lyra N