Pendulum Power : dowsing for accuracy

If you have never tried dowsing, or if you have had a go, but struggled to get a pendulum to work for you, this course will quickly help you to get started easily and successfully.

If you have used a pendulum before, but have not managed to make the most of it, this course will help you to overcome a range of problems to gain accurate and valuable information from your dowsing.

Pendulum dowsing is both an art and a science: accurate, reliable and specific in some aspects and in other ways, dependent on the creativity and intuition of the practitioner.

This course makes it easy for you to choose a suitable pendulum and to get started with pendulum dowsing to gain accurate answers. Skill comes with knowing how to frame your question or focus in the most useful ways to move from general information to the specific answers you want.

You will have the opportunity to test different methods of dowsing: with the help of maps and charts and with the help of skilful scientific techniques. This will enable you to develop the best methods for the purposes you have in mind (or to discover potential applications for these skills).

You will also learn how to dowse the body’s energy centres and to assess the energetic state of the chakras.

Pendulum Power 4 week course
Discover your potential to gain insights and answers and to verify information received. Develop a practical understanding of dowsing, learn how to choose and work with pendulums for different purposes and develop reliable dowsing skills. Pendulum dowsing can also be used with maps and charts to obtain indications before going out to the physical locations.
Pendulum Power course Course Content:

  • Types of pendulum
  • Art and science of dowsing
  • Getting started / attuning to a new pendulum
  • Developing accuracy and consistency
  • Internal dowsing
  • Applications & uses of pendulum dowsing
  • Working with maps, charts, tables & scales

What people are saying about Pendulum Power:

“I found this course most valuable for increasing my accuracy and for opening up new ways of using my pendulum in my therapeutic work as well as in my personal life.”