Reiki II Practitioner

1 day course + case studies

Reiki II is for those of you who wish to become Reiki healing
practitioners, as well as for those of you who wish to develop further
for your own personal reasons, or as part of your healing journey.

The Reiki II attunement intensifies the energies introduced at
Reiki I
and you’ll notice this as soon as you start practicing. You will also
learn three symbols for use in healing treatments and healing at a

The wonderful thing about Reiki II, using the symbols, is that
you can so easily flow Reiki in all areas of your life:

  • to energise your affirmations, projects, aims and goals
  • to help you communicate better in all situations, and to
    understand better what others really mean
  • to cleanse and energise food and drink
  • to change negative habits through clearing and releasing
    the root cause
  • to ‘sparkle yourself up’ when you want to shine, and
    ‘disappear’ when you’d rather not be noticed
  • to learn and remember better
  • to clear negative energy in places and situations and
    replace with positive energy

and lots more!

During the course you’ll learn how and when to use the symbols
in all
these other ways, as well as during healing treatments. You’ll also
learn how to send Reiki to people, places and situations at a distance.
During the afternoon you’ll gain practical experience of giving and
receiving Reiki, using the symbols, in pairs or groups.

Once again, this practical experience during the course will
give you
the confidence and proof of your intensified healing abilities and the
ways the symbols work at this level.

After this course, if you wish to receive Practitioner certification, you complete five simple case studies, which allow you to gain experience giving Reiki healing to people, animals, groups of people, places, situations and the earth. If you would like additional advice and assistance on setting up in practise, this is given after you have completed and sent in your case studies.

What people are saying about Reiki II

“Susanna is an excellent tutor. Her experience and style is both detailed and informative. Thank you!”

Beki Burns, Pure Harmony, Huby

“I was in need of developing my Reiki
skills to help
my Mother suffering from Cancer. The ideas shared with me on the Reiki
II course have made a huge difference in her life and left a lasting
impression on me, in awe of the power and sensitivity that Susanna

The ability to convey complex concepts in
a simple,
unceremonious way gave me the confidence to use them in all aspects of
my life. She is a true asset to man-kind and as such should be
cherished and looked after. One way we can do this is by continuing our
spiritual development with her, allowing her to continue growing, both
as a teacher and powerful healer.”

Tim Jeavons

“I found the course very insightful and I
left the day
feeling full of ideas and hope. It was very inspirational. I also felt
amazed how quickly I connected when practicing and how much my
intuition played a part when working with energy.”

Stephanie Shepherd

“The Reiki course with Susanna was really
good, as the
style of teaching was relaxed and allowed everyone to develop their
understanding and skill at their own pace. As it is done with small
groups it means that you can have plenty of time to review the things
you have learned. I find this the best way for me to learn!”

Mo Blogg, 2012

“Many thanks for the lovely day spent
with you on
Sunday on the Reiki II course. We enjoyed the individual attention and
opportunity to freely ask questions as we went along.”

Janet Lawrence

“Thank you for making the Reiki II course
on Sunday such a special day.
I really enjoyed it and have felt so alive ever since; using the
makes such a difference.

Pat Mullen

“I enjoyed the day’s course very much.
The subject
matter was incredibly stimulating. I was feeling very tired before the
start, having had several nights disturbed sleep, but during and after
I again feel invigorated!”

John Mabbs

“A wonderful progression from Reiki I to
Reiki 2. It
was interesting to feel a different intensity / quality of energy in
Reiki 2. The use of Reiki looks like an interesting area to develop and

Paul Hewitt

“Wonderfully enjoyable day. Looking
forward to putting new skills etc. into practice. Would recommend to

Sarah Cooper

“Thank you once again. So lovely to come
and do a
course with you and the group was brilliant; I have loved doing Reiki
II. Many many thanks.”

Richard Craven

to enhance skills and knowledge in Reiki and to give me the confidence
to use them as a Practitioner.  I now need practice to hone my

Tina Pickin, Development Manager, Staffordshire

“Hands on experience with professional
feedback is very valuable. Lots of useful insights from teacher.”

Colin Smith, Author/Entrepreneur

“A great course!”

Angus Hutley

“Whilst there was a lot of information to
absorb, it was presented in
an understandable manner. It will take some time for all of this
to settle in. Even so, I feel that the course, and the course
work to be completed in the near future, will benefit my life both
directly and indirectly.”

Pete Fountain

“There are no words – it’s just

C O’Kane

“The small group was fantastic for a
really personal learning experience.”

S Wood

“Impressed with your overall knowledge
and competence. Very down-to-earth approach.”

C Fischer

“A beautiful day, relaxed, friendly etc.
Now feel really confident in
using Reiki on people other than

Tian Ford, Freelance therapist

“Very good and enjoyable – open and
honest style which was very
accessible. Good to discuss how Reiki can be used in cross section of
situations with other therapies.

Practice was great – loved smaller group.”

Alison Reaney, Project Manager, Supported Housing

“Very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Great
progression from Reiki I,
which I will apply on friends and family. Amazing colourful experience.”

Lorraine Rosi, Project Manager

“Great to share events from after Reiki
I. Felt wonderful and
spiritually opening during attunement. Calm, relaxing

L M Varndell

“I feel great to be learning more energy
work within a group. Sharing
the common questions and revelations of technique and more questions. I
had never felt the buzz of Reiki before, the tingle, the smiles and
especially the sharing – relaxing. The giving of abundance through me.
How amazing we all are! Thank you Susanna.”

Meredith Young, Outdoor Instructor

“It’s opened up a whole new avenue for
me. I have become very
interested in healing and energy work. I think Susanna is a wonderful
teacher and presents the material in a very down-to-earth way, which
enables you to take it at your own pace.

I really enjoy the positive benefits that
Reiki brings to my family and
friends and I might even build up to taking on proper

Amy Anderson, Journalist

“The course is extremely valuable and I
feel confident enough to
practice Reiki. The course tells you all you need to know and provides
fantastic skills to practice on friends and family or on the general
public in a professional

Marie Crawford

“Very enlightening experience – I feel it
will set my life on a more
positive path. Great to share experiences with the other people in the
group and the teacher.”

Jo Levi, Marketing Executive

“I am humbled to have the opportunity to
experience this wonderful
gift. Already I have seen how it has helped and relieved so many
family, friends etc. Will continue to use for the good at every given
opportunity, including healing myself.”

Linda Kenny, Telephonist

“The course was good and useful to
understand how to use Reiki for
different situations. This has given me confidence to further develop
my skills.”

Anthony McMahon, Voice Coach