Reiki III

Reiki III Master for healing
and spiritual development

Reiki Master training is arranged individually at your
request, when you feel that this is the right time for you. Reiki III
is a beautiful experience, and often feels like “coming home”; it is a
confirmation and strengthening of your spiritual and healing path.

Since this is such a personal and special process, I offer
this teaching on an individual basis, rather than as scheduled courses.
You may, of course, choose to train together with your partner or a
friend, if both of you wish to share the experience of your Reiki III
training together.

Your Reiki III journey starts with our day together, which can
be arranged at either our York or our countryside venue, as you prefer.
During our day together you will have the opportunity to ask any
questions and to discuss any personal experiences that have arisen
during your Reiki practice. You will receive your Reiki III attunement,
which intensifies your healing energies and you will learn the
Reiki Master symbol (Usui and Tibetan versions) and how to apply these
in healing treatments.

You will be shown how to give Reiki I, II and III attunements,
which you will be able to practice during your course, so that you
understand the process and know that you can carry out these
empowerments successfully.

Notes on the Master symbols and how to give attunements are
yours to take away with you, so that you can practice further at home,
until you have memorised the processes and made them your own.

You may be coming to Reiki III solely to further your healing
and spiritual path; you may have no intention of teaching Reiki, or you
may intend to wait and see where your path leads you. Whatever the
case, you learn how to give attunements at this stage, in case you ever
wish to attune someone who is critically ill or injured, in order to
give additional aid to their healing process.

If you do not want to teach, you need do no further training; if you change your mind in the future, you can come back for mentoring to become a Reiki teacher. If you are already an experienced practitioner and teacher (of other therapies/subjects) you may be able to create your own courses and teach, after suitable practice and integration of these energies.

What people are saying about Reiki III

“Reiki Master was an amazing experience.
As always meeting with Susanna was wonderful and informative, but being
a one to one session like this is really felt life affirming and
changing, I felt it was the next important part of my own development
as well as improving on my healing skills, so having the time to talk
it out and work through anything was especially beneficial. Learning
how to attune, and learning the master symbols felt more than a class,
or learning but more of a connection and wonderful experience. I feel
more than equipped to attune people and practice Reiki, and cannot
recommend it highly enough.”

Mazie Rhodes, Writer, London

“ I have learned about Reiki [all the
way to Reiki Master] from
Susanna Bellini at Bronze Dragon. She has a depth of knowledge about
the history and traditions that provides the sanctity I believe is
appropriate. She couples that with an effortless way of teaching that
is enjoyable and effective. For me, she provides a dynamic environment
for learning that worked for everyone in the classes. Once you begin to
train with Susanna, you will probably only want to continue to
the next level. And then into the next field.”

Ed Percival, NLP Master Trainer

“Reiki I, II and III (Master &
Teaching level) with Susanna gave me a thorough grounding in this
healing art and enabled me to make profound changes in all aspects of
my life. The courses were delivered in small groups, which allowed time
to discuss any individual issues and explore possibilities. I have a
severe hearing loss and Susanna provided all the adjustments required
for me to participate fully. Lots of ongoing support and advice
available if needed.”

Jaqueline Haskell, Yorkshire
(Kirkbymoorside Natural Health Centre)

“Susanna is a superb healer and teacher,
whose responsible and
respectful approach allows learners to experience Reiki at the pace
best for them, and she is always there to guide and support. Susanna
has helped hundreds of kids and their families through the skills she
has taught me. May the ripples continue.”

Ros Curwood, Educational Therapist and Reiki Master, Reading

“Many students of Reiki will soon discover that other Masters set time restrictions and high financial costs to becoming a Reiki Master. Susanna Bellini sets no such restrictions.

Having already completed both my Reiki I
and II training with Susanna,
she allowed me the time and space to develop in my own way. Susanna has
also been superb at offering the right support and advice at just the
right moments! Susanna offers one-to-one training for anybody who
wishes to become a Reiki Master. Our day was full of sharing, sunshine,
laughter, anecdotes and Susanna’s expert advice. Receiving the Master’s
attunement from Susanna was a magical, moving experience and one that I
will never forget. I could feel myself literally glow after the
attunement. An amazing experience! Having already attended Susanna’s
classes I knew that they were fun, relaxed and empowering and part of
my Master’s training was to assist her on some courses. I have to
confess I felt a little nervous about this, but Susanna guided me and
gently corrected my mistakes! I had great fun assisting Susanna with
her classes and I learned a lot in the process. Receiving my Master’s
certificate from Susanna was a very proud moment for me. I feel that
Susanna is a very special teacher and it has been my great pleasure and
privilege to pursue my Reiki training with her. For anybody thinking
about pursuing any Reiki training do not look any further.”

Paul Beresford, Reiki Master and Learning Mentor