Shamanic Crystal Divination course

This advanced training focuses on divination through combining the clarity and focus of crystalline energies with altered-state shamanic techniques. This course does not cover other tools and methods of divination, fortune telling or prediction.

All over the world seers have used water as a medium to access hidden information, to read the past, present and future and to seek knowledge and guidance. Records show methods of scrying in still water: natural lakes and pools, but also in bowls of water, ink or coloured water, to make the surface dark and show the images better.

Scrying in a crystal ball has a similar long history, most familiarly within the Romany tradition, or associated with fortune telling. The method is the same: the reader focuses through the shiny surface, gazing into the hidden depths, which mist, swirl, move and reveal images to the practiced eye.

Shamanic practitioners have always used crystals too: Native North Americans use shaman stones, South Americans use obsidian mirrors or spheres.

Seers, shamans, prophets, magicians have always found a suitable stone, or suitable body of water to aid their visions. Now you can too.

This course teaches scrying, with a variety of methods and tools, so that you can find what fits best and works best for you. As you explore in different ways, you will find yourself more and more able to access streams of information and guidance hidden to most other people. Understanding these and using them judiciously, with wisdom, will come to you with time and practice of these ancient arts.

Shamanic Crystal Divination 4 week course
Susanna teaches specific methods of holding different states of consciousness open simultaneously and moving between them with ease to provide an accurate, consistent and grounded flow of information.
Shamanic Crystal Divination course Course Content:

  • Predicting, forecasting and divinatory practices
  • Readings with rocks, stones and crystals
  • Scrying with crystals and crystalline substances
  • Altered state divinatory trance
  • Shaman stones and their properties
  • Developing accuracy and confidence

What people are saying about Shamanic Crystal Divination:

“I’m sad to come to the end of this mini course because it’s the end, but in a short time I feel I have learned an awful lot and I’m looking forward to doing another course in a little while. Thank you again for this wonderful course. I’ve enjoyed it very much as there was so much information. I’ve really appreciated the mentoring too.”
Amanda Mitchell

“I found the course wonderful – it states in the introduction that this is something that there is not a lot of information about, and it was really mind expanding. I would definitely recommend it to others.”
Helen Fairley

“Amazing course that draws together different traditions in ways that make it easy to learn, understand and find your own way to access visionary knowledge.”
John T

“A fascinating journey; I’ve enjoyed it from start to finish and I now know I can do this!”
Sharma P