Shamanic Healing Practitioner training


This course is all about the shamanic skills necessary for
being happy, healthy, balanced, living in harmony with plants, animals,
minerals, humans on this earth.

The shaman is a person of knowledge, a bridge between the seen
and unseen, this world and other worlds, between past, present and
future. A shaman can be a healer, an advisor and an intermediary,
working on behalf of individuals, the community and the wider world.
The shaman stands alone in a unique role and yet can link and harmonise
with any and everything.

This training therefore, focuses on much more than healing,
and teaches the underlying skills and abilities and how they are
applied in the different roles of the shaman.

This training provides dual certification in Shamanic Healing and
Journey work.

“Over the days and weeks we realised that we had learned and experienced a vast amount…”

– Frances Parsons

Entry requirements:

This training is best suited to self-aware individuals, who
have worked on healing and clearing themselves and who already have
some training and/or experience in areas such as energy work, healing,
counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, TFT, EFT, NLP, meditation,
yoga and similar balancing, clearing, focusing and healing methods.

It is a necessary pre-requisite to have attended our Shamanix™
weekend or Shamanic Energy weekend training, or to have similar
qualifications and experience through courses elsewhere.

Due to the nature of this training, it is necessary to assess the suitability of participants: if you have not trained with us before, please contact Susanna Bellini in the first instance, giving details of any relevant background, training and experience. We will need to discuss via phone, or in person, whether this is the most suitable training for your needs, and whether or not you need to take one of our weekend courses first.

Course Programme:

This 7 day intensive programme is a practical, experiential
training, covering the skills necessary qualify as a competent shamanic
practitioner.  Training is in small groups, and goes above and
beyond the standard course syllabus, to progress individuals, according
to their own needs and interests, on their spiritual journey.

(Further certification as a Practitioner of Susanna Bellini’s
unique system, Shamanix™, is possible, on successful completion of this
training plus the Shamanic Soul Healing and Shamanic Dreaming
practitioner courses and related case work)

Core skills:

Developing sensory skills through the different channels:

  • Visual – ‘seeing’ energies –  
  • Auditory – ‘hearing’ on different frequencies –
  • Kinaesthetic – sensing emotionally and physically:
    • balance, vestibular, orientation
    • energetic touch, sensing
    • emotional ‘feel’ sensing
  • Energy sensing, clearing,
    balancing, energising
  • Energy ecology and management

Connecting to Guides and working with spiritual guidance:

  • Making contact with spiritual
    guidance and with other types of aware being and consciousness, safely
    and effectively.  Connecting to Spirit and strengthening your
    own spiritual channel.
  • How to maintain a centred,
    balanced and grounded self-awareness in order to safely navigate to
    different energy realms for the purposes of gathering information and
    shamanic healing work and bringing these back into grounded reality.
  • How to access, orientate,
    navigate, exit and return safely from different mental states, levels
    of consciousness and different places and energy dimensions.

All practitioner trainings include:

  • Safe shamanic energy practice:
    working with back-up and support
  • Legal matters, Code of Conduct
    and ethical practice in the UK.

Course Outline – in brief

The following topics will be covered in the most suitable
order to suit participants’ needs and progress during training.

Developing competency / proficiency in the following skills
and abilities:

  • Sensory enhancement,
    development and control
  • Energies, auras, fields of
    energy – detection / diagnosis
  • Sensing energy fields (human,
    animal, mineral, plant)
  • Scanning and balancing
    front/back, directions, levels.
  • Receiving accurate energy
    impressions (telepathy etc.)
  • Sending energy specifically
    (remote communication, healing)
  • Awareness and interaction of
    own and others’ energy / emotional states.
  • Sending “clean” energy – ego
    and own content free – as a channel
  • Self awareness and control of
    own thoughts and energy states.
  • Connecting and channelling
    transmission of specific external information, energy frequencies and
  • Development of personal inner
  • Journeying to upper, middle
    and lower worlds for self and others.  

Divination, Forecasting and accurate overviews

  • Ability to read signs and gain
    accurate information regarding clients and own situations (divination).
  • Ability to gain an accurate
    overview of complex situations with an aim to finding creative
    solutions / problem solving / making good decisions for way forward /
    planning strategies and next steps.
  • Ability to cast pictures for
    or with clients and facilitate their interpretation.
  • Competent use of focusing and
    information-gathering tools such as pendulums,
    dowsing rods, casting stones, crystals, etc.
  • Advanced filtering – ability
    to place and use dedicated Filters for specific purposes.
  • Direction-finding: proficiency
    using Sphere and other indicators.

Orientation and Channelling of specific energy frequencies

  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water –
  • North, South, East, West –
  • Animal, mineral, plant
    energies, general proficiency
  • Human body and energies –
    healing and balancing – general proficiency

*  Learning these principles, with these main
examples will allow the Shamanic practitioner to set up own reference
points and access specific energy frequencies in any area of their own
knowledge and expertise.

Shape Shifting / Shape changing

Developing proficiency in different ways of shape shifting in
and out of trance states.  Changing awareness, acquiring
insights and skills, “stepping into another’s shoes” – having a direct
experience of the different forms of consciousness and the different
sensory capabilities and restrictions of other forms of life.
Developing the ability to shape change from within systems.

  • Taking on qualities and
    abilities of e.g. animals, birds (actively and passively)
  • Taking on qualities /
    gathering information, experience and skills in trance
  • Shape shifting into situations
    and shape changing those situations
  • Shape changing future events

Communicating and collaborating with other forms of consciousness

Developing competency in communicating on specific energy
frequencies with

  • The natural world: plants,
    animals, minerals
  • Weather systems
  • Human made systems – eg.
    traffic flow, cityscapes

Appreciation of all the things of this world –

  • energies of place
  • sacred space
  • environment, nature – working
    in harmony

Susanna’s shamanic energy training is supported by specific energy attunements, which will be explained and offered during the training.  These are optional, and support your training by opening you to specific energies, accelerating your development and strengthening your connection to spiritual guidance and support.*

* Our courses are held in York and occasionally at countryside venues in North Yorkshire.  If you are unable to attend a live training, you can study Practical Shamanism with us online. 

Course reviews:

“We recently went on an intensive
shamanic practitioner week with Susanna. We chose to attend this course
because we had done the preliminary shamanic weekend with her and liked
both her and her style of teaching. When I wrote a review for that
weekend I used the words Gentleness and Simplicity. For the week long
course I want to emphasise the word Freedom.

On coming home from the course it was, at
first, difficult to put into words what we had been doing and what we
had learned. It was not as though we had made a perfectly turned and
glazed pot, or woven a magical basket from willow. So what had we

Over the days and weeks we realised that
we had learned and experienced a vast amount but that it was going to
take time to assimilate it all and incorporate it into our lives.

We learned, particularly, to trust our
intuitions to a greater degree. We learned to look out at the world
with greater sensitivity and to look in at ourselves with greater
understanding. We gained more experience in journeying and learned to
trust more in the process and not to worry that we somehow didn’t
measure up.

An exciting moment for me was when I
looked out to sea and saw, for the first time, the play of energy
between the sea and the sky. It has always been there, but I never saw
it. One day I want to see the Northern Lights, but for now I am content
that my heightened sensitivities have allowed me to see that energy

So why the word Freedom? What we like
about Susanna’s style of teaching is that it is largely free from
ritual and technique. We felt that we came away, not as clones of our
teacher, but as individuals who had been given permission to develop
our own shamanic style through our own instincts and experience. This
will be an ongoing experience for the rest of our lives and one that we
will value beyond words.

An unlooked for benefit following the
course has been that my blood pressure has gone down.”

Frances Parsons, April 2014.

“For me the great gift was a realisation
that so much of the ‘beyond’ dimension is so close. I can enter it and
draw on its insight and wisdom for myself and others much more readily
than I ever imagined. The journeys that were made were a source of
inspiration and delight and confirmed the intuition that we are very
close to riches of understanding that I did not know existed. A
particular gift of the week was the ability to see how many
disconnected areas of experience from the past did in fact connect up.
I particularly was helped by the insights on creativity. I have learned
once more that the ability to speak out of a place deeper than the
conscious mind is given to us when we allow ourselves to be open to it.

One memorable moment was the moment of
attunement. I had not thought myself particularly good at this exercise
but then was amazed by what I discovered in the event. Not only was I
brought close to a powerful angelic presence but it seemed that this
presence and its significance for me was in some way visible to
Susanna. Ultimately the whole shamanic healing course is about our
ability to live in two worlds and also help others to do so. I am
grateful for the opportunity to live in this way and also be able to
help others to do so, particularly those who are sick or close to
dying. I look forward to learning much more as I learn to live and
travel the shamanic way.”

Stephen Parsons

“I feel that this 7 day course has
catapulted me several years
forward in terms of my development.

The course is absolutely fascinating,
with an enormous amount of
variety. We covered the full syllabus, but in a way that seemed to flow
effortlessly without the need for a formal timetable.

One of my favourite parts was the morning
discussion of what had
happened the previous day. We often found that having allowed the
exercises to sink in, we had learnt more in the intervening period
without even realising – it was as though the learning and teaching had
continued while we were asleep. Susanna is endlessly supportive, and
always made time to provide extra instruction when needed, either as a
group or individually.

Looking back, I think some of the work
must have been challenging for
me. But the flow of the course is such that at the time everything felt
entirely natural and almost effortless.

I think an intensive training course
actually works better than
spending the same number of hours training over a period of weeks or
months. I was initially unsure whether it would be too much to absorb
in one go. But it actually avoids the situation where you might forget
things in between sessions, so there is no need to spend time
previous learning, and getting back into the right frame of mind. I
feel that I learnt a great deal more, and remembered the learning more
easily, than I would have done had the course been spread over several

On the day after the course had finished,
we wanted to drive straight
back to Susanna’s and carry on! I would highly recommend this course to
anyone with a general interest in energy work, as well as people
interested in specifically learning more about shamanism. I found it a
life changing experience, and can’t wait to go back for my next one!”

– Helen Fairley

“To me, one of the most astonishing
aspects of
training with Susanna, is how she, with relatively little verbal
instruction, got us all to perform quite advanced and extraordinary
tasks. It is only afterwards that I realise how amazing some of my
newfound skills are, and had I known in advance all that we were
actually going to learn and do, I probably would have gotten in the way
of my own learning. Also, her teachings has a way of gradually
unfolding in my mind long after the actual training.

I find Susanna a wonderful teacher and a
very warm and honest person and you are lucky if you get the chance to
learn from her.”

Charles Franz, Sweden

“It was an amazing week, I thoroughly
enjoyed it and didn’t want it
to end! The people on the course have turned out to be adopted family
members now as we went through so many intense experiences together. It
was an ideal time of year and location to do the training in, we had
lovely warm sunny weather and light nights which lent itself so well to
the field work we embarked on! The relaxed and informal approach to the
training enabled us all to participate fully and without feeling under
pressure, which was key to the learning. We covered so much that things
are still embedding, it’s all been fascinating!”

– Christine Hammond