Shamanic Soul Healing certificate training


7-day intensive training focusing on working with guides, journeying, present and past life healing, soul retrieval and spirit release from people and places. This training offers dual certification in both shamanic healing and soul retrieval (after successful completion of training and case studies) and is the most up-to-date intensive training available in these areas of shamanic work. Taught with practical, verifiable methods, within a strong ethical and spiritual framework, you will feel safe and confident in practising and utilising these skills.

Shamanic Soul
Healing – who is this for?

This course is likely to be most appealing to energy workers
and therapists with existing practitioner qualifications and
experience, who now find themselves drawn to this very specific area of
work.  However, it may be that your natural talents have
opened you to experiences with the spirit world and you realise that
you now need guidance and training to develop safely and to discover
your work and role.

Entry requirements:

This training is best suited to self-aware individuals, who
have worked on healing and clearing themselves and who already have
some training and/or experience in areas such as energy work, healing,
counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, TFT, EFT, NLP, meditation,
yoga and similar balancing, clearing, focusing and healing methods.

It is a necessary pre-requisite to have attended our Shamanix™
weekend or Shamanic Energy weekend training, or to have similar
qualifications and experience through courses elsewhere.

Due to the nature of this training, it is necessary to assess the suitability of participants: if you have not trained with us before, please contact Susanna Bellini in the first instance, giving details of any relevant background, training and experience. We will need to discuss via phone, or in person, whether this is the most suitable training for your needs, and whether or not you need to take one of our weekend courses first.

Course Programme:

This training covers the theory and practice of shamanic healing and soul retrieval, necessary to qualify as a competent and confident practitioner.  Training is in small groups, and goes above and beyond the standard course syllabus, to progress individuals, according to their own needs and interests, on their spiritual journey.

(Further certification as a Practitioner of Susanna Bellini’s
unique system, Shamanix™, is possible, on successful completion of this
training plus the Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Dreaming practitioner
courses and related case work)

Core skills:

Developing sensory skills through the different channels:

  • Visual – ‘seeing’ energies –  
  • Auditory – ‘hearing’ on different frequencies –
  • Kinaesthetic – sensing emotionally and physically:
    • balance, vestibular, orientation
    • energetic touch, sensing
    • emotional ‘feel’ sensing
  • Energy sensing, clearing, balancing,
  • Energy ecology and management

Connecting to Guides and working with spiritual guidance:

  • Making contact with spiritual
    guidance and with other types of aware being and consciousness, safely
    and effectively.  Connecting to Spirit and strengthening your
    own spiritual channel.
  • How to maintain a centred, balanced and
    grounded self-awareness in order to safely navigate to different energy
    realms for the purposes of gathering information and shamanic healing
    work and bringing these back into grounded reality.
  • How to access, orientate,
    navigate, exit and return safely from different mental states, levels
    of consciousness and different places and energy dimensions.

All practitioner trainings include:

  • Safe shamanic energy practice:
    working with back-up and support
  • Legal matters, Code of Conduct
    and ethical practice in the UK.

Course outline – in brief

  • Sensing energy fields and mapping the ‘energy landscape’ of people, places, animals and plants.
  • Detecting energy imbalances and the energetic ‘root’ or source of imbalances, illness and dis-ease.
  • Rebalancing, healing and re-energising energy fields and systems, human, animal and plant life.
  • Healing childhood, past life and ancestral patterns; timeline work
  • Working with Guides / spiritual guidance
  • Soul healing and Soul Retrieval – concepts, theories and specific techniques and ways of working on a personal level. Re-integration of parts of self to form integrated balanced wholeness.
  • Journeying on behalf of self and others, in relation to soul work
  • Communicating with spirits and entities in various ways
  • Checking and verifying accuracy of communication and information
  • Soul Release and depossession – concepts, theories and practical experience of:
    • Safe and effective ways of working to clear people and places of entities and spirit attachments.
    • Safe and effective ways of working to return spirits and entities to where they belong

Susanna’s shamanic energy training is supported by specific
energy attunements, which will be explained and offered during the
training.  These are optional, and support your training by
opening you to specific energies, accelerating your development and
strengthening your connection to spiritual guidance and support.


Shamanic Soul Healing training enables you to be safe and
competent* in
dealing with:

  • Communications and interactions with the many different kinds of non-corporeal aware beings and energy manifestations
  • Individual soul healing, soul retrieval and soul release work
  • Release of spirit attachments and entities from people and places

* PLEASE NOTE: This is a practitioner level training and,
especially as
a newly qualified practitioner there will still be situations and
circumstances beyond your training and experience. However, you will be
able to assess competently when to refer work to an advanced
practitioner with more training and experience than yourself.

** Our courses are held in York and occasionally at countryside venues in North Yorkshire.

What people are saying about Shamanic Soul Healing:

“The course was extremely good, opening a
whole new world for me. It was a journey of exploration, satisfaction
and learning.”

G. L., Manchester

“The course provided me with skills and
ideas to
tackle may personal and client issues from a new, holistic and
intuitive level. I had little knowledge and experience of energy work,
but was expertly guided to develop confidence in working with complex
ideas which Susanna introduced with impressive simplicity.
This was my first yet powerful training in this area. Personally I felt
some clouds have lifted from my mind.”

“A pleasant journey into wonderful world
of communion with self and rest of the universe.”

Ross Alexander, BACP Registered Counsellor, NLP Master Practitioner, BSc Hon

“The work on soul release, soul retrieval
and animal
guides, plus becoming more aware of our other guides – particularly our
strong safety guide – has been unbelievably wonderful and enlightening.
I feel a more complete person now and will incorporate this work into
my own work and life.

I would recommend this to any energy
worker as a safe, humorous, wonderful course!”

Claire Lee, Holistic Therapist

“Each time I come on one of Susanna’s
courses I become
more and more aware of her high level energy skills and how she uses
those to teach the participants to do high level energy work in a safe
and supportive environment, easily and with confidence. I underwent
some deep personal healing during this week and witnessed the same for
others. We also did powerful healing for people remotely and for the
land and the earth. For those drawn to this kind of work, I can’t
recommend highly enough Susanna’s teaching.”

Peter Fulcher, Manchester