Practical Shamanism Online Course

Shamanism values and celebrates the uniqueness of all living things. Through learning to sense and connect with the world around you in deeper, more meaningful ways, you will experience yourself as a unique part of one vibrant, interconnecting web of life.

Imagine that your everyday world could suddenly become amazing – imagine that you suddenly become aware of all kinds of new possibilities and different dimensions to your experience. Life would be more interesting and richer, filled with creativity and new resources.

This just gives the barest inkling of what it is like to open your mind and senses to shamanic ways of experiencing and communicating with the world.

Extending your senses, developing new kinds of shamanic awareness and psychic abilities will enrich your experience of life. Re-discover your natural human potential, open up new possibilities and evolve new meaning and purpose.

You will be able to enjoy a greater connection with the natural world, to enhance your senses and to learn how to communicate and interact with the world around you in new ways, experiencing yourself as a living part and co-creator of a greater whole.

Is this unrealistic, mysterious, spiritual, far-fetched, fanciful or magnificent? Perhaps it is all of these at times; what you really need is a grounded and experienced guide through these new experiences and clearly defined, positive, and practical methods you can use to develop and explore safely. This course provides you with such methods, so that you can safely study on your own, or you can choose the mentored option, to benefit from personal guidance from shamanic teacher Susanna Bellini.

Mentoring may be most useful to you if you already have existing training and experience yourself, in order to help you to progress with depth and swiftness in the directions of your choice.

Practical Shamanism 8 week course
Learn how to interact with different energies safely and competently and how to communicate with other forms of life. Access reliable, pure spiritual guidance to find your right path and achieve your full potential.
Practical Shamanism online Course Content:

  • Seeing, feeling and other ways of detecting energies, auras and energy fields
  • Interacting with energies and energy fields to communicate, balance and heal
  • Communicating non-verbally with other forms of life
  • Distance healing, sensing and communicating
  • Shape shifting methods and uses
  • Shamanic divination: casting the stones
  • Dowsing with pendulums and rods
  • Meeting and working with spiritual guides and teachers

Your Mentor (if you choose the mentored course):

Susanna Bellini qualified as a Shamanic Healing practitioner in 1995 and has undergone practical training and apprenticeship with native shamans in different countries since the early 1990s. Susanna synthesised and developed her knowledge and practical experience into her own system, Shamanix™ in 2000. She has taught shamanic courses in the UK, Europe and US from 1997 to 2016 and has been developing online courses to make this knowledge and these skills more widely available since 2008.

Susanna is also qualified and experienced in the practice and teaching of a number of other healing therapies (see full qualifications here).

What people are saying about Practical Shamanism:

“My dream is to become a competent, capable, practicing shaman – to work to harmonise energies for people and places, and work towards ascension. I would like to set this as my intention.

I feel as though I have been heading for this all my life, and that this training has been a huge step forward on my path.”
Helen Fairley

“This course has explained lots of fleeting experiences and impressions I used to have, especially as a child, and then dismissed. It is like being validated and somehow getting missing parts of myself back again. Now I have so much to explore and I feel so much more myself, so positive and hopeful about my future.”
Rachel W

“The Practical Shamanism course answered lots of questions and confusions I still had despite taking various other workshops and trainings over several years – brilliant!”
Ray L

“It has given me lots of things to play with and has opened me up to all kinds of new possibilities. I think I have definitely started a whole new journey, which I can already foresee will lead to lots of excitement.”