Tarot Magick course

Begin your journey beyond the mystery – learn the true magick of the Tarot.

While Tarot cards are most popularly used for divination this represents only the smallest fraction of the knowledge embedded in these magickal tools.

The images of the Tarot are a set of ‘keys’ involving specific energies, gateways which can be drawn upon for a variety of useful purposes.

The Tarot are mystical doorways to other realms, keys to personal transformation and access the building blocks of the Universe.

Far beyond scripted meanings, learn how to work intuitively with the energies of the cards for deep personal insight. Discover how to journey along the hidden paths revealed by the keys of the Tarot. Manifest your best future and work magick with the Tarot energies.

Tarot Magick 8 week course
The Tarot are the keys to all the gateways – Open a path to a secret world of mystery, insight and transformation with Tarot Magick.
Tarot Magick online Course Content:

  • Week 1. Introduction to the Tarot
  • Week 2. Creating Sacred Space.
  • Week 3. Ways of Working With the Tarot
  • Week 4. Working with The Tree of Life
  • Week 5. Tarot of the Elements
  • Week 6. Divination Magick and Guidance
  • Week 7. Magickal Tarot Layouts.
  • Week 8. Further Techniques in Tarot Magick

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What people are saying about Tarot Magick:

“This course was a profound experiencing of the Tarot as it wasn’t just about ‘this card means that’ but about tuning in and experiencing the energies of the cards. And one of the most amazing things about it was that we really did experience energy from them and it was something that I tangibly felt. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to really get to know the Tarot.”
Peter Fulcher, Manchester

“Phil has a wonderful way of opening up possibilities and unfolding teachings so that all the fascinating pieces are clear, logical and link together elegantly in a satisfying whole.”

Your Mentor (if you choose the mentored course):

Philip Callaghan has worked with the Tarot for over 19 years. Throughout that time he has also explored many methods of divination, healing and changework. He has designed this series of Tarot workshops as a fusion of the most effective practices he has experienced on his journey.