Time Doorways and Inter-dimensional Portals

Transcend time and space, making use of time doorways and inter-dimensional portals to see into, or shift into other frames of place and time.

Anywhere, any time, you can locate a time doorway and shift part of your awareness to another time frame or a different dimension. Once there, you can see, hear and witness the other frame, while your body and part of your awareness remains safely located in the present day physical location.

When you return to being fully in the present moment, you will recall your experiences and will then be able to investigate their accuracy and usefulness.

This advanced course is very specifically about observing and gaining information from other times and places. This course does not teach astral travel or any kind of light body transfer of energy, or shift to the other time and place. This unique secret method maintains the integrity and equilibrium of the other time and place, so that the observer’s consciousness, energy and action does not in any way affect the other frame.

The system is taught this way to maintain integrity of the time flow. A major benefit for the Observer, however, is that they do not attract any unwanted attention from other consciousnesses, which can happen with other methods. This method is therefore safe and does not require working with guidance, protection protocols etc. However a safety is taught and installed in any event, mainly for the purpose of protecting the student from the less useful aspects of their own psyche!

Time Doorways and Inter-dimensional Portals 4 week course
Learn to open mystical gateways in space and time and access other realities.
Time Doorways course Course Content:

  • Working though controlled altered states
  • Physically locating and identifying gateways and places of time/space shift
  • Sensing information from other times, overlapping time frames
  • Scrying other times and places
  • Remote viewing and remote sensing

What people are saying about Time Doorways and Inter-dimensional Portals:

“It is a wonderful, pioneering course, and another example of the Bronze Dragon aptitude for presenting subjects that may seem so remote, in an accessible, no nonsense manner. As far as I know, Bronze Dragon on-line training is unique in this respect.”

“This course makes it easy to have strange and fascinating experiences from early on – what can I say? I experienced things I could later verify through research – maybe that knowledge was already in my consciousness somewhere, I don’t know. I only know that my experiences are very real and interesting and I shall be exploring this further. Thank you.”
David D